River Rocks IV, Neutrogena Collection
Cloudscape II, Albuquerque Museum of Art
Graffiti XVIII, Kitakamakura Museum, Japan

USC Institute for Global Health, Los Angeles

Sandy Bleifer, Artist: Works On and Of Paper

USC has hosted two important exhibitions of my work at the Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery: ”Natural Unnatural Transformations” in 2005 and “The Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial Project” in 2010.

All of my work is an exploration of paper and its expressive potential to serve as a metaphor for nature, the built environment and the human condition. Media include silkscreen, collage, acrylic, oils, tar, wax, art papers, industrial materials and handmade paper.

The works at the 2001 Soto building span the full range of my subject matter from the Constructed Silkscreens of the ’70s as commentary on the landscape and the forces of nature to more dimensional works of the ’80s and ’90s with the use of paper mimicking rocks, tree bark, leaves and walls. The works are intended as a form of social activism illuminating themes of the environment and its degradation.

Collection of Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles

From: Sandy Bleifer

To: Sammy Feuerlicht
Vice President Strategic Planning/Business Development
Good Samaritan Hospital
1225 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90017-2395

Dear Mr. Feuerlicht:

I hope patients, staff and visitors are as pleased with the installation as I am. Good Samaritan Hospital was there for my sister many years ago when she was in a terrible automobile accident. This is a way for me to show my appreciation for the excellent care she received and for her recovery to lead a full life afterward.


Art Exchange/Gallery, 816 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

From the Gallery’s grand opening press release, December 2009:

Downtown Los Angeles… A new Art Gallery joins Gary Leonard’s “Take My Picture” gallery, the Orpheum Theater and the Broadway Bar to further energize the Bringing Back Broadway initiative. Steve Needleman of Anjac Fashion Buildings, has generously donated the interim use of this storefront space.

Artist and downtown real estate broker, Sandy Bleifer, has filled the gallery with graphics to be given as a gift of appreciation to everyone who donates comparable value in the form of a charitable donation to select downtown causes and organizations. The Gallery space is available to the downtown business and residential community as well as organizations and governmental agencies. Events and presentations are now being scheduled to support individual charities and offer informational programs for the community…