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Ikebana Series

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About Paper


“…Sandy Bleifer who knows more about the paperness of paper than most artists and presents us with convincing dialogues with mountains and sunsets in which she exhibits a sensibility that is both delicate and boldly experimental.”

– Henry J. Seldis, Los Angeles Times

Music as a Structural Model


“The interwoven conceptual play of text, title and art reached its zenith in Stone’s Stones. As if pitting herself against no less than Claude Monet, Bleifer printed a huge eighty-four-and-one-half-foot long nature piece, designed to be seen from inside as a continuous encircling form. Stone’s Stones is intended as a visual correspondence to music by Carl Stone, the music developed electronically from sounds of water falling on rock.”

– Isabel Anderson, Visions Quarterly

Environmental Degradation


“Bleifer has said that the Eastern vision of nature – particularly the Japanese emphasis on harmony between man and his environment – has had a profound effect on the kind of work she does… It is a passion to tell the truth about this relationship to the environment, Bleifer said, that drives her to create.”

– Lawrence Enscoe, SM Daily News

The Human Condition


“The political statement in this work transcends its literalness and moves into the aesthetic. Bleifer is well aware of the balance between statement and aesthetic, and she expresses it here eloquently. She successfully articulates the theme of horrific experiences of the atomic bomb into highly evolved aesthetic work.”

– Masami Teraoka, Artbeat LA

“Sandy Bleifer has been an artist all her life.  Her personal idiom first originated with printmaking and silkscreening.  Since then, her work has been an exploration of paper:  a continuing discovery into its complex nature and its ability to serve as a metaphor of the world around us.  Her work is in over 200 private and public collections worldwide.”

Alexis Deutsch

An Interview with Sandy Bleifer, In Review, Spring 1994